Vaccine Storage & Distribution

Vaccine Cold Chain Solutions: Timely Fulfillment of Seasonal and Stockpile Requirements

Secure vaccine storage and distribution services protect your inventory throughout the supply chain. Sentry’s guardianship ensures proper vaccine storage, rotation, accurate tracking, and proper distribution of vaccines for routine fulfillment or pandemic response. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and validated cold chain storage environments minimize time-out-of-refrigeration (TOR) risks, helping to reduce or eliminate waste attributable to inadequate storage methods. Flexible storage options help fulfill requirements for specific seasonal or stockpile campaigns. Vaccine manufacturers and healthcare organizations concerned with drug product integrity, supply chain security, risk management, or timely distribution should consider a partnership with Sentry.

Vaccine Storage

Vaccine Storages

Sentry’s vaccine program
advantages include:

  • Compliant vaccine storage, rotation and
    distribution solutions
  • Advanced inventory management systems
  • Advanced building management systems that
    monitor and control temperature of storage
  • Trusted by hospitals, government healthcare
    agencies, and manufacturers to protect
    vaccine products and stockpiles