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Sentry BioPharma Services is a contract service organization (CSO) which supports the life science industry by offering GMP temperature controlled storage, distribution, FDA compliant labeling and packaging services and importation support utilizing Sentry’s Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). Drug development and commercialization require continuous temperature monitoring and control. Sentry’s diverse offerings protect product integrity throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain. Sentry’s validated software, GMP storage and drug distribution facility, industry expertise, and stringent quality standards support this objective throughout manufacturing, packaging, storage and distribution.

In 2004, a team of pharmaceutical, cold-chain management and quality assurance experts created Sentry BioPharma Services, Inc., a privately-held corporation, to provide contract GMP services to serve the exclusive needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Sentry’s founders created the company to meet the rapidly growing demand for dedicated and highly-specialized contract GMP storage, labeling, packaging and supply chain management services. The company’s mission is to deliver compliant, secure and scalable services to healthcare entities that embrace an outsourcing strategy.

Sentry BioPharma Services navigates public and private entities through evolving business, licensing and regulatory landscapes while prioritizing product integrity in all steps of the pharmaceutical cold chain processing cycle.

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