Sentry Biopharma Services: Protecting Pharmaceutical Integrity

July 1, 2022

Sentry Biopharma Services protects the integrity of temperature sensitive biopharmaceutical products during the clinical and commercial phases of development.

Sentry Biopharma Services specializes in the storage and global distribution of temperature sensitive biopharmaceutical products catering to companies that are seeking a vendor with a consultive approach who can provide high quality, high touch customer service as well as reliable, customizable processes and timelines that meet regulatory standards for the storage, distribution, packaging, and logistics of their pharmaceutical products and supplies.

Sentry is committed to ensuring the safety, identity, strength, purity, and quality (SISPQ) of our clients’ materials during clinical trials through development and commercialization.

To this end, Sentry’s state-of-the-art facilities are specifically designed for this purpose featuring redundancies for each temperature environment, facility power, and critical systems such as warehouse management (WMS), building management (BMS), IT infrastructure, security, and safety.

Furthermore, Sentry’s Quality Assurance team verifies all operations are performed in a manner consistent with GMP standards and documented standard operating procedures while validating all environments, WMS, and BMS for optimal performance.

The need for temperature sensitive biopharmaceutical storage and distribution has exploded, and Sentry Biopharma Services is proud to provide supply chain expertise to ensure our clients’ medicines are effective when they reach the patient.  Sentry strives to be more than a partner to our clients. We want to be an integral part of their team, working together to define the best solution possible to meet the ever-changing challenges in the industry today and in the future.